Losing my words

Here it is. I feel like I am starting all over. Almost like I’m reminding myself how to write again. How to type. How to put my thoughts together. For years of my life, I blogged. Almost every day. I used it for a lot of different topics. I used it to encourage moms, to exhort Christians, to share photography tips, to talk about what it looks like in real life to be a follower of Jesus. I tried to make people laugh and it was an outlet for me at the same time. I love writing. Then I took a step back for a bit. Stopped writing as much. We started fostering, adopted our son, went through some family struggles and just a lot of reasons that kept me from sharing as much. And then. With no warning at all, it was all gone. 8 years of writing. Deleted. Gone. It didn’t matter what I did with godaddy, and who I talked to. There was nothing they could do to get my 8 years of writing back. It honestly felt devastating. Like a huge part of my life was totally gone. So I am starting over. Excited to see where this takes me… You’re welcome to come along!


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